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Check out this coloring book for a great cause!

We are so excited to show you the cover of Shaded With Love: A Coloring Book for a Cause! 
This coloring book, featuring 75 designs inspired by your favorite authors & bloggers, will release on DECEMBER 14th, just in time for the holidays and all proceeds will benefit FREE2LUV, an anti-bullying non-profit. So get your one-click finger ready!

Illustrator: Jessica Hildreth
Find out more about Free2Luv here:
Participating Authors/Bloggers:
Jessica Hildreth, Vicki Green, Katharina LeBoeuf, Beantown Bitches Book Page, A.L. Wood, Noelle Bodhaine, Angela Coffey,Amy Briggs, Little Shop of Readers, Gillian Jones, Avelyn Paige, GM Scherbert, Jennifer L. Armentrout, also known as J. Lynn,Charlotte Fallowfield, Geri Glenn, Janine Infante Bosco, Christine Hughes,Cecilia London, T.K. Leigh, Jen Luerssen,Tiffani Lynn, Sister Spot Book Blog, MJ Fields, Jenika Snow, Jennifers Taking A Break, Reading After Dark, J.C. Valentine, Alyvia Paige, Maria DeSouza, Rhonda James, Mary Elizabeth, JL Long, J.L. Beck, Brooke May, Emery Jacobs, Amelia Sue, J.M. Walker, Annelise Reynolds, Harlow Stone, Katie Fox, Mary B Moore, Read and Share Book Reviews, Len Webster, Cat Mason, Elizabeth Tork, HJ Bellus, Stacey Lewis, J. A. O'Donoghue, JL Long, MariaLisa deMora, Alphas Do It Better Book Blog, Evan Grace, Niquel, Xana Jordan, K. Renee, Anna Paige, Elizabeth Princeton, Cory Cyr, N. E. Henderson, L.J. Shen, Kennedy Fox, K.L. Kreig, Ginger Ring, Relentless Book Chics Ramblings & Reviews, Leisa Rayven, Alyson Raynes, Emerson Rose, FG Adams, Stevie J. Cole, Gemma James, M. Robinson, A. Zavarelli, Books and Boys Book Blog, Heather Carver, HEA Bookshelf, Kim Jones, Rachel Robinson, R+M Photography, Angie Brashears

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Deal Breakers Kindle Countdown Deal!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Beautifully Broken Excerpt! (Copyright 2016 LAN Fiction LLC)

Sexy Eyes flashes his perfect grin again. “So, Birthday Girl, do you have a name?”

“I do,” I say, “but I’m not giving it to you.”

He frowns. “And why’s that?”

I tip my freshly delivered bottle to my lips. “Because I have a strict no-name policy for one-night stands.” It’s true; I do. It’s less complicated that way.

His eyes widen in surprise but I don’t miss the underlying interest. “Well, then you have no worries. I’m not interested in sleeping with you. So what’s your name?”

I laugh to cover the sting of his rejection. “So, let me get this straight. You’re telling me that if I wanted to drag you into a dark corner right now and fuck your brains out, you wouldn’t be interested?”

He nods his head slowly and places his hand over mine. “That’s exactly what I’m saying—I’m not interested in a mindless fuck. With you or anyone, for that matter.”

Jesus, my panties are soaked from just listening to his resonant voice, even if the words are toxic to my fragile self-esteem. I bite my lower lip and give him another good once-over. “You’re not tripping my gaydar—which, if I may say so, is pretty damn accurate—so what gives?”

He rubs his chin thoughtfully and smiles. I can’t help but fixate on the subtle scratching sound the motion makes. “So, a man has to be gay to turn you down? I never said I wasn’t interested in getting to know you. Asking your name seems like a great way to start.”

I’d be lying if I say I’m not intrigued by this guy’s approach. “It doesn’t matter which name I give you—I could easily lie to placate you. But why bother? Let’s just call this what it is and move forward. Sound like a plan, Sparkles?”

He laughs. “Sparkles?”

“I give people nicknames,” I explain with a shrug. “Your eyes—they’re really blue…and sparkly. Hence, Sparkles. No real names. No complications.”

“You couldn’t come up with something a little more…manly?”

I wink. “Nah, I like Sparkles.”


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